Set or remove borders.

Changed in 2023.11.1 Previous versions have been using physical properties top, right, bottom and left. These classes are now deprecated. Please use logical properties as described below.

Set borders

Use env-border or env-border-{p} to set border on one or more sides.

Since 2023.11.1 Valid values for {p} are: block, inline, block-start, block-end, inline-start, inline-end.

<div class="example-borders">
   <span class="env-border"></span>
   <span class="env-border-block"></span>
   <span class="env-border-inline"></span>
   <span class="env-border-block-start"></span>
   <span class="env-border-block-end"></span>
   <span class="env-border-inline-start"></span>
   <span class="env-border-inline-end"></span>

Remove borders

Since 2023.11.1 Use env-border-none to remove a border from all sides.

<div class="example-borders">
   <span style="border: 3px dashed red" class="env-border-none"> </span>

Physical properties & modifiers Deprecated

Since 2023.11.1, border classes based on physical properties are deprecated.

<div class="example-borders">
   <span class="env-border-top"></span>
   <span class="env-border-right"></span>
   <span class="env-border-bottom"></span>
   <span class="env-border-left"></span>

Since 2023.11.1, modifiers env-border--0 and env-border--{p}-0 are deprecated.

env-border--0 is replaced by env-border-none.

<div class="example-borders">
   <span class="env-border--0"></span>
   <span class="env-border--t-0"></span>
   <span class="env-border--r-0"></span>
   <span class="env-border--b-0"></span>
   <span class="env-border--l-0"></span>